How To Transplant A Tree

How To Transplant A Tree

If you have a tree that is growing in the wrong spot, or if it has been damaged in a storm, you may need to transplant it. Transplanting a tree can be tricky, but if you follow these steps, you can do it successfully. Below are the steps of transplanting a tree.

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Step 1. Choose The Right Time Of Year

The best time to transplant a tree is in the fall or winter. This is because the tree’s roots will be dormant and it will be easier to dig up. If you try to transplant a tree in the spring or summer, the roots will still be active and it will be harder to dig up. You need to make sure that you transplant the tree before the ground freezes in the winter.

Step 2. Dig A Large Hole

digging tree

You need to dig a hole that is twice as wide as the tree’s roots. The hole should also be deep enough so that the tree’s roots will be covered with soil. You can use a shovel or a backhoe to dig the hole. The size of the hole will depend on the size of the tree. It is recommended the size of the hole is twice as wide as the tree’s roots and deep enough so that the roots will be covered with soil. The size of the hole will also determine how much soil you will need to fill it later.

If the tree is too big to transplant by yourself, you may need to hire a tree service. Tree services have the equipment and experience to transplant large trees. They will also be able to help you if the tree is located in a difficult spot. Hiring a tree service is the best option if you are not confident in your ability to transplant the tree successfully.

Step 3. Cut The Roots On The Tree

After you have chosen the right time of year and dug a large hole, you are ready to start transplanting the tree. First, you need to cut through the tree’s roots. You can use a shovel or an ax to do this. Make sure that you cut through all of the roots so that the tree can be lifted out of the ground easily. Be careful not to damage the roots as you are cutting them. It is advisable to work with a buddy so that one can cut while the other person can hold the tree.

Step 4. Place The Tree In The Hole

tree on hole

Once you have cut through the roots, you can lift the tree out of the ground. It is easier if two people lift the tree together. Place the tree in the hole and make sure that the roots are covered with soil. You may need to add or remove soil from the hole to get the tree to sit at the right height. The goal is to have the tree sitting at the same height as it was before you transplanted it.

Step 5. Fill In The Hole With Soil

After you have placed the tree in the hole, you can start to fill in the hole with soil. Make sure that you pack the soil tightly around the roots. Once the hole is filled, you can add some water to help the tree get started. Be careful not to overwater the tree. Too much water can damage the roots and kill the tree.

Step 6. Water The Tree

water tree

Once you have transplanted the tree, you need to water it regularly. Watering will help the tree to adjust to its new location. Be sure to check the soil around the tree often. If the soil is dry, give the tree a good watering. You should also fertilize the tree once it has settled in. This will help the tree to grow and thrive in its new location.


Transplanting a tree can be tricky, but if you follow these steps, you can do it successfully. With a little care and attention, your tree will soon be thriving in its new home tree. Be sure that you have all the tools and protective gear before starting this project. Also, be cautious in every step to avoid any accidents. If you are still not confident, then it would be best to hire a tree service company to do the job for you.

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